Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Little Do They Know the Boundaries of His Wisdom In the Solitude of His Kingdom

Michael Finkel:

Later, a fad for hermits swept 18th-century England. It was believed that hermits radiated kindness and thoughtfulness, so advertisements were placed in newspapers for “ornamental hermits” who were lax in grooming and willing to sleep in caves on the country estates of the aristocracy. The job paid well and hundreds were hired, typically on seven-year contracts. Some of the hermits would even emerge at dinner parties and greet guests.

The "lax in grooming" part is actually a myth. We spread that rumor ourselves to discourage dilettantes. Thankfully, I have no social obligations as part of my contract, which is good, because I have enough to read as it is, and here we have an excerpt from another book that I simply must own. Not enough hours in the day...